Sunday, April 24, 2011

road trip

We here at Cheetah Velour Industries recently found ourselves in downtown Amboy, CA. Amboy is located west of Needles on National Trails Highway, formerly known as Route 66.

Apparently Amboy was quite the bustling place until Interstate 40 came along in the 70's and bypassed it. On the day I was there, the cafe was open selling soda pop, snacks, souvenirs and gas. The post office is still in operation, too.


  1. That's sad but the sign is so cool. I always wish things could be exactly like they used to be.

  2. It seems like all the places like this we stopped at with our parents as kids 40+ years ago have passed their glory days.
    Ghost Towns in Progress.

  3. I love how that sign's Ozymandian stature -despite being worse for the wear- still seems to rise out of the sand and be lengths above everything. It's awesomely poignant.

    Those motel rooms look solidly built and spacious. I'll bet families taking a break there in the last century felt as if they'd reached an oasis. The motel reminds me of those cottages in IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, but without grass or rain.

    Some of those shots in the video look like pictures out of a magazine ad. So beautiful! I'll buy whatever is being sold!

    -- Java