Sunday, April 3, 2011

WIP show and tell

Now that Spring has sprung, I am all about the works-in-progress.

My Top 2 are the bathroom and the garden. I started painting the bathroom last July, only to discover that the walls were so bad they were crumbling underneath the paint roller. I started refinishing the walls and it stopped being fun after about ten minutes, so...I quit because that's how I roll. Now I'm back with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm which will last at least 20 minutes, so let's see how this goes.

Also in the works this year is a real garden! Here are my li'l seedlings: fish pepper, tomato, jalapeno pepper, chive.

BTW, I am in love with the little paper pot roller I got on Etsy. Cinder block garden in progess:

There may even be some hops growing later if we're lucky. We shall see.

Time to quit goofing off on the computer & get back to work. That bathroom isn't going to primer itself. Do you have any home projects going on right now? Do tell!


  1. Ha! I always have several going on at the same time! I think I'm definitely attention deficit! That garden will be interesting, can't wait to see the finished product with details! My neighbor is tilling my garden tomorrow!

  2. Looks great! The other month I painted the bathroom an aquamarine which looks lovely in natural light and hideously yellowish under florescent.

    Keep plugging. :)

  3. Enjoy!
    Wish I was younger, there, in shape and could help.