Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clown Motel

If you are ever in the beautiful state of Nevada, make sure you stop by the Clown Motel in Tonopah!

It's good if you like clowns. LOTS AND LOTS OF CLOWNS.

Everyone is welcome at the Clown Motel!

The clown below rides shotgun in the annual town parade.

It was hard to choose one favorite thing, but I think the painting below wins that honor.

After seeing the lobby, I was a little nervous about what might be waiting in my room. Every door has an identical hand-crafted clown on it.
Fortunately, I asked for a smoke-free room and also got a clown-free room. Apparently some guests go around the room covering up the clown pictures because they can't take it. Next time I am asking for the room with the MOST clowns.

Here's another shot of the lobby for good measure.

All in all, I give the Clown clowns! Clean room, comfy bed, friendly staff. Oh yeah, and CLOWNS.

I realize that clowns make some people uneasy & that's ok. I'm not judging. If you can't handle looking at clowns, there is always the cemetery across the parking lot.

At least it will take your mind off the clowns.


  1. Ha! That would be me, turning the pictures over! Some, but very few, clowns are ok. But this motel is a really cool place, and so unusual, I'd stay there!

    ps I wonder if it's a Clown Cemetery?

  2. Ha ha, you are not the first to ask! It's actually a pioneer cemetery for some of Tonopah's earliest residents. You can see more pictures here-

    Oh jeez, the thought of a clown cemetery..! I wonder if there is such a thing?

  3. I LOVE clowns. I have a clown marionette, a ceiling mountable clown on circus rings and a painting of a lonely clown by an artist back around '66 that was my mom's. I even like 'Pennywise the Dancing Clown' (aka "It") that said, "They all float down here"

  4. Ha ha, that's awesome!!! Come on out to Tonopah and enjoy the Nevada desert and all the clowns you can handle. :)

    Seriously, wish you were here. I'd take you to the Clown Motel!

  5. "Bikers Welcome."
    Pure awesome. Just the thought of clowns on Harleys makes me smile. I can only imagine the sounds they make rolling into town: